NEW: Antonio Banderas Menswear Collection

Much to my surprise, actor Antonio Banderas, will be releasing a collaborative collection on August 10th, 2016 with Selected Hommes, a Scandinavian company whose wears can be from ASOS to Urban Outfitters. The collection is set to release tomorrow, so get ready to shop for this limited collection.

The award winning actor turned designer began design courses at London’s Central Saint Martins, which is the fashion equivalent of Yale. Multiple noted fashion designers such as Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney, and Riccardo Tisci have all learned their craft attending this institute. What I find interesting is why at this moment Antonio has decided to release a menswear collection. Why did he not begin releasing his own clothing collections when he was in the stages of releasing Antonio Banderas fragrances. Anyways, the look of this collection will give us an example of how far he is in his courses, and how well his craft for design has developed.

What I love about this collection is how it sticks very much to what I think about when I think about Antonio Banderas. He has released male fragrances in the past, and they stick to his  brand, classic and sexy. He does not far away from his true brand in this collection. He stays true to classic menswear silhouettes such as wool-top coats, sharp suits, and polo shirts. He also doesn’t try to design crazy pieces, he sticks to the classics, and puts his own twist on them.

AB1AB2AB3AB4(photo credit)

The images above are a few of the new pieces from the actors collection, scheduled to be released August 10th, 2016. You can see the classic male silhouettes, and how well they fall on the body. Another note, are the colors in this collection. Most of the colors are grey, blues, blacks, and whites. These colors are very masculine, and can be paired well together, ultimately creating a strong, classic, and masculine look. If you guys are interested in shopping the new collection checkout Selected Hommes for the collection.

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Style: Streetwear

Streetwear, will always be a continuing trend in my opinion. The different elements that form streetwear, are exactly why it started as a trend in the first place. It’s incredible how an edgy jacket with a plain shirt and ripped jeans can create a badass, urban look. Its such a city kid look, and I for one love it. You get the feel of the culture from whatever part of town, you’re walking in. You might see an edgy individual rocking a streetwear styled look, or you might see an individual wearing a loose and casual streetwear style.

Streetwear is not a very well liked word in the fashion industry, not because the looks are terrible, but because most street wear looks consist of regular brand retailers, who tend to make printed tees, and simple designs. Fashion designers do not consider printed tees and  low designed pieces fashion worthy in a sense because their really is no design being put into these pieces. While higher luxury brands do create edgy, urban, and cool pieces, they prefer to not call it streetwear, only to disassociate it with brands that have a repetitive way of designing.

The majority of the clothes in my closet I would consider to be a mix of atheisure wear and streetwear. What I love about my streetwear clothing are the materials from each like, the denim, leather, and suede. The fabrics for outerwear tend to be more heavy, giving the silhouette an edgy frame to it. The texture of the clothing can show elements of streetwear. Streetwear can also be loose and casual, recently one of the styles is having holes and rips on t-shirts, jeans, and sweaters, which I do not mind because its different and edgy.

The following shirt is urban style from KarmaLoop for $95 dollars. The design of the shirt is a diamond quilted, short sleeve hoodie with a fishtail finish in the back. The diamond quilting adds texture to the design, while the fishtail finish adds a modern twist. Also the fact that it’s short sleeved definitely adds some edge to the look, it would look very different if it was a sleeved sweater.

(photo credit)

The next piece is a Cut Off Hockey Jersey from KarmaLoop as well retailed at $63 dollars. This jersey is simple in the color, yet the  sides and neck area of the shirt have a great design aspect to it. Giving the shirt an edgy look with the metals inserts, and the tunic style silhouette. It would definitely go well with ripped jeans and boots. i wouldn’t pair this jersey with a jacket just because the side detail would not be visible.

(photo credit)

The last piece is a pair of Black Moto style jeans from KarmaLoop retailed at $64 dollars. The Moto Pant features an elastic waistband with tapered legs complete with zippers and moto details running across the legs. The design gives the jeans a ruche finish. What I like about these jeans besides the detailing on the knee is how badass and edgy they are. Looking at those jeans makes me want to wear them. In the images provided below you can even see the shirt and shoes paired with these jeans, and how urban it is. That is how streetwear is suppose to look.

pantssss(photo credit)

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Style: Athleisure

Not many people have heard of the term “Althleisure” or what it really is or means. Well not to worry because I am going to give you the 411 on one of the biggest trends of last year, and current style of 2016. Athleisure is the combination of athletic style clothing and more chic and modern pieces. For example wearing a hoodie, tapered sweats, althetic style shoes, and an overcoat would be an example of everyday atheisure. You can see an example in the image below of a hoodie, tapered sweats, athletic shoes, and an overcoat.


(photo credit)

The way I interpret athleisure wear is staying comfortable with simple athletic style pieces, yet making your ensemble feel effortless, and modern.

The reason why I decided to write about this type of style is because I consider atheisure wear to be apart of my person style aesthetic. I enjoy feeling comfortable, yet looking effortless, and cool. I find many of the pieces worn for atheisure looks to be cool, modern, and youthful. I love how amazing a simple sweater, joggers, and overcoat looks. Its such an effortless way of dressing, it such a great representation of someone who is cool, edgy, and free.

Many of the fabrics and material used in many athletic style clothing will most likely be knit, neoprene, spandex, jersey, and stretch fabrics. The great thing about these fabrics is that they can be shaped differently and the shape of the clothing can be fitted or loose and still be comfortable. My favorite fabric when wearing this style is neoprene, because it has a great texture, and can be used to make a constructive piece, or a loss fitting piece. The material is soft, and has a shine to it as well. Another fabric that I love incorporating in my athleisure looks is mesh. The reason for that is that mesh is light, and allows air to flow through it. The mesh allows my body to breath and release some heat being generated by my body, it is also a plus that it is comfortable.

The following are a few of my favorite atheisure pieces that retailers like Topman and EndClothing provide. The first piece is a black cotton bomber style jacket from Topman for $50 dollars (photo credit). It’s in the classic bomber shape and has elasticated collar and cuffs for comfort. I Love this jacket because it can pair nicely with a plain shirt and some joggers. The next piece are a pair of green skinny fit jogger sweats from Topman for $39 dollars (photo credit). These are perfect atheisure wear because they do not have a regular sweatpant shape to them, they actually add shape to the body, and the jogger style pant adds edginess to the look. The next pieces are a pair of Blaze of Glory sneakers for $155 dollars created from the Puma and Filling Pieces collaboration (photo credit). The shoes have a mesh heel for breathing, and a neoprene strap for comfort. The woven design of the shoes allows for a sturdy shoe as well.

If you are interested in any of the pieces above the link are all provided to the appropriates sites. If you liked any of these styles, go ahead and try to wear an atheisure look, and see if its right for you.

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The collaboration between Adidas and Kanye West is iconic, and still a current trend after a year. The collaboration happened in June 2015, and was a global success. The media created a frenzy over this collaboration, and influenced consumers to become extremely excited over the final outcome from the collaboration, the Yeezy 350 Boost, which were a complete success and sold out so quickly. While this tends to happen whenever a high profile celebrity collaborates with well known brands, however the second launch of the  Yeezy 350 Boost collection between Adidas and Kanye West sold out as quick as the first launch.

So why do people go crazy over this show? Well for one, if you look at the design, it’s unique and different, something we as consumers have not seen yet. Apart from the design aspect of this shoe, are the brands that are attached to it as well. You have Adidas which is a sport apparel giant also having high profile collaborations and being a consumer favorite when shopping for sport related footwear, clothing, and gear. Then we have Kanye West who is a well known recording artist, known for being outspoken, musically talented, and fashion forward. Everything he does is a surprise, he is unexpected, and thats one of the elements that we were anticipating from this collection with Adidas.

The design of the show is simple, yet very detailed. Kanye wanted to design a show that would fix hi issues when walking, standing, and staying comfortable. The show itself is a basic trainer style low rise shoe. It is lightweight and breathable for quicker mobility, and the breath in technology allows for the feet to stay cool during the day. Part of what allows the shoe to be lightweight and breathable is the prime knit tech construction of he shoe. The material is not heavy, rough, or uncomfortable. adidas-Yeezy-Boost-350-Turtle-Dove.jpg

Easy 350 boost in the color ‘Turtle” (photo credit)

Continuing on with the design of the show, it has a full-length boost sole, to provide maximum comfort. The design of the sole is well shaped and it helps that it look cool as well. There is also a suede patch on the medial arch of the shoe bearing Yeezy’s name. this just adds a personal touch to the design of the show, and the suede work well with the tight knit material.

This specific shoe comes in three colors currently. The first color is “turtle” which is a grey and black mixed print that works well together. The print is consecutive and works well with the suede and size of the white boost sole. The next color is “moon rock” which is a dusty grey color, and it is the same color all around. The third is “Pirate Black” which is an opaque black with black boost sole as well. The last color is “Oxford tan” and like the others is same in design but in a light stone color. There is going to be a new color coming out in a pure white, but not yet released. For more details on the design and color ways of the show head over to What Colors Do the Yeezy 350 Boost Come In?

The shoes retail for $200 which is fair in my judgement, seeing as you are paying for the high quality material, and brand name. If you are thinking about getting a pair of these highly coveted shoes, get in line because it is a challenge getting a pair of these shoes. It’s a bit rude in my opinion releasing a highly demanded product in such limited quantity. However if you are interested in attempting to get a pair of Yeezy 350 Boost head on over to Adidas/Yeezy for more information on release dates.

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Pre-Fall Shopping

It’s the first day of August, and it’s still hot as hell. The majority of us are still going to be rocking shorts, tanks, and sandals. The season won’t begin to change until early-mid September, but the way global temperatures have been rising, it will begin to get cool in mid-late September. Now the real question is when should we begin shopping to transition our wardrobe for the fall and winter seasons?

One of my best shopping tips is to buy quickly during the start of summer, so in early June. The reason for this is because retailers and companies will see a decline in demand for fall/winter apparel in January and February, and in order to make any profit on the remaining fall/winter apparel companies throw huge sales for these items. However the best time to do pre-fall shopping is in June. Shopping in June, will allow you to see all the great deals on high quality coats, jackets, hats, and pants.

You might ask why should I start in June instead of August? Well the reason for that is, everything will most likely be cleared out by the time August hits. It’s best to always be the first one there and walk out with amazing pieces for half price or more.  Another issue with wanting to purchase fall items in August is, most brands and retailers release Fall collections in late summer so consumers can buy their new collections in time for the fall/winter season. Hence, prices and demand for Fall apparel increase. This article by ELLE guides you on how to shop by month, and the best items to purchase each month.


(photo credit)

A little more details on what pre fall season is, Pre-fall is the short commercial season between spring and fall. Pre-Fall apparel is usually the most wearable: black coats, leather pants, and sweaters. It’s basically all of the things you need to make sure that you get through the fall season. It’s also an aperitif for the fall runway collections, which hit stores next month.

This little pre-fall showing by Nordstrom gives you a hint on how pre-fall trends begin. Some of the trends for this upcoming fall season are Vivid bold colors like orange, and romance looks with airy and vintage pieces. Fall is might favorite season, and I definitely like to take advantage of the colors that look best during this season. I tend to stay with dark palettes, and a pop of color here and there.

Another shopping trick is too subscribe to your favorite retailers and brands to receive exclusive coupons and deals. I current;y do this with Macys and Nordstrom, and the coupons come in handy when I don’t want to pay full price for something. These specific retailers always have pre-fall clothing on sale, and you can easily pick up many items for less than the regular price. The majority of my heavy coats, jackets, and pants have been acquired through pre fall sales.

Another benefit of shopping for pre-fall clothing is that you start to acquire the style you want to wear during the fall and winter seasons. You begin to pick up items here and there, and before you know it you know the direction you want to take your wardrobe in. Personally this year, I have been acquiring many olive green jackets, leather boots, and dark navy coats. I prefer these colors just because they compliment my skin tone, and the designs are great as well. Its your style so you choose the direction you want to take, you’ll also have a full wardrobe set while your friends shop and pay full price for similar items.

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July Favorites

So heres a end of the month post on my beauty and fashion favorites for the month of July.   July has been a very explorational month, in the sense that I have been trying a lot of new products. I am sometimes afraid to break the status quo when it comes to how I dress, the clothing I buy, and the products I use, however there are so many new products coming out, and I became very curious to try some of them out.

I was inspired to create a favorites post because I have seen how fun it is to talk about your favorite products, as well as how helpful it is for your audience who is curious about the products you use. I personally have seen favorites videos, and it always inspires me to at least look up items that i have shown interest in. All items mentioned in this post will be properly linked, so that if you’re interested in purchase or looking more into a specific item, you have all the details to do so.

The first item in my July favorites is this denim cap from Calvin Klein purchased for $39 from Urban Outfitters. I purchased all three caps in the colors indigo, black, and khaki. I am in love with these hats because the color, and lettering on the cap itself is unique, and very stylish. Apart from the style of the hats, comfortability is really great, the design allows for the hat to be extended to compliment any head shape. I wear these hats almost everyday only because I admire the style, and how it compliments my face and outfits.

(photo credit)

Moving on to jackets, my next July favorite is this YSL L’Homme cologne sold at MACYS. I was on the search for a new cologne, and decided to look at the YSL colognes, and immediately became obsessed with the L’Homme fragrance. The cologne was a fresh and woody fragrance with notes of ginger, and vetiver. This cologne is very elegant and timeless, and thats exactly how I like to carry myself. The 6.7 oz bottles retails for $125 and it is worth the price. The cologne is made in paris, and is incorporated with high quality ingredients. This cologne also stays on for a reasonable amount of time which is a must when purchasing any cologne.

ysl(photo credit)

Onto bomber jackets, I recently purchases one of my favorite bomber jackets in July from ZARA and as always, I’m obsessed. The jacket is in your normal bomber style, made out of a silky polyester with a palm tree sunset print. This print on this jacket is incredible and is matched with vibrant colors that compliment any skin tone. I do not where this piece as much, but when I do I get super excited to put it on. It feels great on my frame, and does not generate any extra heat. This jacket was originally retailed at $89.99 and I purchased it for $29.99. If I didn’t purchase this jacket for this price I would of never forgiven myself. This will be one of my favorite jackets of all time, and I can’t wait to wear it again.

palm(photo credit)

My finals favorite item for the month of July are a pair of  Flex Experience RN 4 X-Wide Running Shoes from Famous Footwear. I have never been to this retailer before, and decided to see what kind of shoes they had. When I first saw these shoes I knew I was going to purchase them, there was no doubt in my head. My favorite color is orange, and because its such a bold color it doesn’t really look good on me. The orange sploosh on top of this light grey mesh material looked amazing, and I immediately purchased them.

When walking with the shoes, i am completely comfortable, and have no issues with the fit. The material looks great, and it has a unique color scheme. I wear these shoes almost everyday, and completely love them. My favorite aspects of the shoe is the design, comfort , and pop of orange that it has.


(photo credit)

I am so excited to keep on using these products, and can’t wait to add more cool and unique products into my wardrobe and cologne/accessory collection. I hope you guys enjoyed reading my favorite products I purchased in July, and if you guys have any July favorites comment down below and let me now what they are.


Hydrate, Moisturize, and Repeat

Alright, here is a little beauty post for you guys, mentioning the skin products I am currently using. I recently visited the The Body Shop with a close friend of mine, keep in mind I went shopping for a new outfit, and ended up buying  three skincare products. I had not been using any skincare products prior to my visit to The Body Shop, so I decided to try some out. I have noticed that my skin has been extremely dry, overall redness, and large pores. I have never been a sincere fanatic, but after trying these new products I think I might be a bit obsessed.

The first product is a warming Mineral & Ginger Massage Clay mask, that I purchased for $22. This mask purifies pores while detoxing and conditioning your skin. When I wet my face and began to apply the clay mask, it instantly felt warm on my face and was very soothing. The scent of the mask was very balanced, it had strong notes of ginger while not being over powering. The clay infused in the mask didn’t influence the scent of the product as much either.


The directions say to use twice a week, and after my first try I was very satisfied how my skin felt after washing my face. I’ll be using this product as frequently as I can to see if the purpose of this product really does work.  (photo credit)

The second product is a Vitamin E Intense Moisturizer, that I purchased for $17. This specific moisturizer is targeted for people with extremely dry skin, hence why I purchased it. There is another version of this product that is for normal dry skin, but I got the moisturizer for very dry skin. One of the main ingredients in this moisturizer is vitamin-E which is very good for the skin. This product is suppose to lock in moisture, restore skin moisture barriers, and leave your skin feeling silky-smooth.


When opening the product, their is almost no scent to it, which is great. This formula is intended for very dry skin, so the consistency was thick yet light. When I applied it around my face I used a very small amount because a small amount goes along way. After completely blending the product into my face, my skin felt hydrated and soft. I have been using this product for the past week, and I can already see a difference in my skin texture, and feel. This is such a great product for people who have very dry skin, and want something that is lightly scent and not greasy. (photo credit)

The last product is a Vitamin E Hydrating Face Mist, which I purchased for $10.20. This face mist is suppose to moisturize and refresh, set make-up, and protect from uv rays. There are many sprays for different purposes, and what I love about this spray is that it pairs nicely with my moisturizer, and the fresh scent it provides. Like the moisturizer mentioned above, this spray is also infused with vitamin e, rose, and high quality ingredients to boost skin hydration and glow.



I hesitated to purchase this product when I first picked it up, however it has proven itself worthy, and is now a part of my daily skin routine. I love how this pairs nicely with my moisturizer, and I can easily set my face with this spray after using my moisturizer. When apply to my face it has a refreshing feel on the skin as well as a lovely rose scent. The thing about the rose scent is that its not to strong, yet you can still get a hint of a dewy rose smell. I carry this everywhere I go, and is extremely useful when i feel like I didn’t apply enough moisturizer, I can quickly sprits this on my face and feel hydrated. (photo credit)

After trying these products for about a week I would highly recommend them if you have very dry skin, large pores, need a setting spray, or need to have hydrated skin constantly. Whether you prefer products from another brand or this one, its important to incorporate some kind of skin routine in your life. Take care of your skin, so age does not take a toll on your skin.

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Trend: Chinoiserie

New York Fashion Week: Mens has brought so many new designs for the up and coming collections coming out. When I watch a show, I tend to look forwent design, patterns, and forms I haven’t seen before. Hence, the beginning of trends. However, many of the shows I have seen such as Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton, and Dolce & Gabbana there has been an ongoing trend in their new menswear collections, Chinoiserie. Chinois being the French term for Chinese can already give you an idea oh what this trend is.

Chinoiserie, interpreted in fashion, is patterns influenced by eastern elements such as dragons, calligraphy,animals, and flowers. Most of the pieces were made from silk fabrics and embroidery technique. Popular pieces that fesatured this type of design included embroidered bomber jackets, silk shirts, and pyjama trousers. Below is an example of luxury brands showing their own representations of Chinoiserie in there designs. From left to right Marc JacobsGUCCIDolce & GabbanaLouis VuittonValentino

chine.jpg(Photo Credit)

I am not surprised this has become a trend because the designs and patterns are different, and we all like different. The colors and embroidery are eye catching, yet flattering, and as a consumer we want something that is going to be eye catching and body flattering. As mentioned, the colors are vibrant, soft, and range from opaque to lighter shades. Many of the colors used in clothing inspired by this trend tend to represent elements from the east such as the water, earth, and air.

Silk, being such a valuable fabric in ancient china, has been incorporated in many designs inspired by this trend. Silk can be considered a symbol of the chinese/asian culture, so its appropriate to incorporate this material into clothing inspired by chinese elements. Not only does the silk infusion create a thoughtful representation, but the sheen, and color vibrancy it provides creates eye catching effects on the owner of such pieces.

Luxury fashion brands are all creating “Chinoiserie” fashion, and so are fashion retailers such as TopMan. The majority of us cant afford a $1,000.00-$3,000.00 piece of clothing, so its nice to have retailers who create and market designs with a similiar direction. TopMan has 2 jackets JADED Pink And Tan Tiger Print Souvenir Jacket and JADED Navy And White Heron Print Souvenir Jacket that show a great representation of Chinoiserie, and are wondefully priced at $175.00.

(Photo Credit)

Being a jacket fanatic, I always become excited when I see a jacket that has a detailed embroidery and pop of color. I am obsessed with this trend, and cannot wait to see what else comes out inspired by this trend. This trend is definitely something I didn’t think would happen, but we have seen recent trends involving native, aztec, and indian influences. I am very excited to go out and shop for my own chinoiserie inspired pieces, and continue this modern take on chinese inspiration.

If you have considered adding some pieces inspired by this trend, i highly recommend you begin searching for awesome jackets, shirts, and accessories. If you are having second thoughts on whether this trend is worth following, visit a local topman, urban outfitters, or zara, and try some stuff on too see if its a right fit for you. You never know how something is going to look unless you go out and put it on yourself.

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Bling Ring

Hey guys, today were talking about accessories, and choosing the right accessories for us. Most accessory lines market to the female croud, but recently more and more fashion retailers have been market a new variety of accessories towards men. Most men tend to accessorize with a watch, sunglasses, or a hat. While these are some must haves in every guys closet, its time to explore your style and try out some new things.

Ever thought about incorporating rings, bracelets, or necklaces into your outfit or wardrobe? Well, you should. There is smoothing fro everyone, whether you’re a minimalist or over the top. Accessorizing thoughtfully can take your outfit or wardrobe to the next level, and its all about how you style it. While rings, bracelets, and necklaces have been deemed as feminine by most, fashion retailers like TopMan, and Urban Outfitters have stepped their game up to market accessories to male consumers by creating new designs masculinizing the male body.

I usually look at what I am wearing and decide how In am going to accessorize. Rings are a great way to bring some attention to your hands. The great part about rings is that they come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Male rings tend to be more opaque in color, thicker, and heavier. I personally like to wear an assortment of rings when i decide to incorporate rings in my look.Just because it creates a mix of design and shape, and I like to keep my look looking interesting. TopMan is a perfect place to shop for rings, this is one of my favorite ring purchases from them. (Ring Details)


(Photo Credit)

Last but not least my last go to accessory is a bracelet. I tend to buy bracelets that have later, metal/stone, and dark features. Bracelets with these features tend to have an earth toned quality to them which go well with my skin tone. I also love the design of leather and metal combined giving it a real masculine and strong feel to it. The following shows an example of a bracelet with these qualities (Bracelet Details)


(Photo Credit)

I hope I have inspired some of you to experiment with accessories and maybe even create a look incorporating them into your look. Summer is the perfect time to incorporate any kind of accessories into your look. If you did enjoy this post on accessories, subscribe for more style tips.




Summer Bomber Styles

Recently I have noticed that I have been wearing a specific jacket from Zara a lot. In general I tend to wear jackets with the majority of my outfits, a jacket compliments anything you wear. It provides an extra layer, this layer could be a pop of color or have an eccentric pattern. The jacket has also changed with new designs allowing you to develop a new style using different jacket forms.

I love pairing a jacket with everything I wear. I do not care if it is 80+ degrees outside, I am wearing a jacket. In most cases the season tends to determine the style, color, and material of the jacket you wear. You would not want to wear a dark toned jacket made out of a heavy, insulating material in the spring or summer. You would want to dress accordingly to the season wearing complimentary colors and jacket style. However there are a few who go against nature and wear heavy jackets or coats in the spring or summer, and it tends to look unbalanced in my opinion.

It is summer time and jackets aren’t really a main part of an outfit during this time of the year. However like I said, even if it is 80+ degrees I am going to wear a jacket. During the summer I look for two things when I purchase a jacket, material and color. Is the material light or is it heavy? Does the color compliment my skin tone in the light? I personally like to make sure the material is a nylon, polyester blend, and in some cases a satin. These materials do not keep in heat and are light and airy. When wearing a jacket you are adding an extra layer to your body, so its important to choose jackets with these kinds of materials to stay cool and comfortable in the summer.

This summer I purchased a bomber style jacket from Zara with a unique print on it (Jacket Details) I loved that it was in a bomber style, it was made out of a thin and light satin material, and the print was out of this world. As soon as I saw this jacket I knew it was going to be a summer favorite of mine. Since I have purchased this jacket, I am amazed at how well it can be incorporated into any outfit I match it with. The style, color, and print of this jacket scream summer, and it is definitely an all time favorite for me in general. (Photo Credit)


If you are not familiar with the Zara brand, I highly recommend you check them out. They have clean, unique, and modern collections for both men and woman. They are a bit more pricey, but you are paying for the quality which is worth the money. If this brand might be out of your price range, checkout Forever 21. This brand has great styles at a lower cost. I found this lightweight bomber jacket for $22.90 perfect for summer. It is in an olive green color, woven in a lightweight polyester (Jacket Details) (Photo Credit)


Whichever style you choose, both options are perfect for summer. If you did enjoy reading about my favorite summer jacket, and alternative style option make sure to follow my twitter for more style tips at @edgardobrand